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Originally Posted by Dr. Casey View Post
A rare appearance from Aquifina. You need to post more mate, I always liked reading your posts back in the day
Thanks for the kind words!

You know what also struck me about this episode, now that I think about it? Chitanda's social graces and polish. When she has to (i.e. when representing her family), she seems more than capable of fulfilling her responsibilities, even though her "normal" personality at school is so different.

I know a lot of people were negative on her character starting out, since she seemed to be there just to be cute and zany (I honestly would have been fine with that), but I'm impressed how the writers have fleshed out her character considerably. For me, the writers started to show more explicitly that she had real smarts during the film arc, when she played such a crucial role in figuring out the real story behind the movie script. Chitanda is clearly not some autistic savant who has a photographic memory but can't analyze the raw data in a coherent fashion. And in ep. 19, she really does help Oreki out with her questions and criticism when they're figuring out the counterfeiting case.

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