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Until Death Do Us Part

Summary from Onemanga:

The series is about a blind guy and a girl who is precogniant of things to come. (It means she can sort of see the future.) The girl happens to be in the care of a certain company and she wants to get away, so using her abilities she finds the blind guy, who kicks much ass, and tries to escape.
This Summary is unfortunately a very vague description of a pretty cool manga IMO.
The manga reads and looks like a Hollywood action flick, except the manga has more plot and more science know how behind it than the average action flick.
Only 13 chapters have been released so far, which is too bad since the plot moves pretty fast and pretty smoothly.

And of course there is a ton of ass kicking going on by a blind swordsman, who is not quite as bad off as you first think.

Anyway, I think I am just going to shut up and back off and allow the manga to speak for itself.
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