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_-_... That's it? That's Season 1?

... Season 2 better be an improvement because I don't recall anything but characters and their backgrounds/relationships being explained in this entire twenty-four episodes.
Spoiler for Vague Episode 24 Spoilers:

With that having been said, it was still an alright episode and there were some entertaining moments. But, I'd have to say that calling it average is pushing it.

Edit: Also... Just because you guys look like you're having fun with pairing wars. Episode 1 Spoiler: Leerin totally kissed Layfon already.
They've totally been sending each other letters the entire time. The only one who even has a slight chance of beating Leerin while she's so far ahead is Felli. Newsflash, Nina and Layfon don't even have romantic moments, at all. I don't understand why people think she's going to be the one.

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