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I wish there were .5 ratings on the voting scale, but meh. You can't get everything you want in life, which is why the ending isn't a 10 for me. The Savaris/Layfon battle could definitely have been more impressive; instead, it was something like 5 minutes of Savaris beating up Layfon, then Layfon getting his magic sword and blowing Savaris away. Kind of anti-climactic.

For the most part, the fighting against the filth monsters was a little boring too, though the level of explosions was nice. The swordboard was just...flashes of Eureka 7, but lamer.

Best parts of the episode:
Spoiler for Cleanliness:

As for the pairings...I think Layfon would say he doesn't deserve to be loved; he pushes everyone away. Personally, I'd be extremely happy too if someone I thought was dead turned out to be alive. So Layfon's reaction to Nina's return wasn't too surprising or too significant. His romantic moments with Felli are usually shown to be that way through Felli's reactions rather than Layfon's, so I'd say it's a bit one-sided there. As for Leerin, Layfon probably still sees her as his sister or as someone who deserves better; that's why he kissed her on the cheek. Mei doesn't even matter in the anime.

But Nina fans? It doesn't endear anyone to your side when you call Felli fans
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delusional, in denial...desperately grasping at straws.
I'm reading this thread, trying to see if this episode is worth the download, then THAT pops up. Do you have any idea how annoying that is? Suddenly, insults and off-topic ensue
Please, if you're going to derail a thread, could you try to be civil?

That said, the closest thing to a romantic moment in this episode was Layfon/Leerin's reunion on the battlefield and Felli's conversation with Layfon at the end. Felli showed her tsundere side there, which is appropriate as she is still a teenager and not an adult. There could definitely have been a kiss between Layfon and Leerin in that scene and it wouldn't have felt out of place, like the sparkly pink ball in Ep 19.
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