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Well, this was certainly an interesting first episode. It took a while getting used to the more schizophrenic bits of animation, but they probably fit, seeing those pretty much overlapped with character delusion-moments. Wasn't really sure what to think of Megumi, though in the end i accepted her character - her frustrations about being forced to live in such a middle-of-nowhere village and dreaming of better ways to come are not hard to understand. And then they went and killed her off A shame, because i thought she had the potential of being a rather interesting character given time, despite her apparent one-track mind for now.

I found the mood pretty fitting when the show was trying to set it up as creepy, and i guess it largely can be attributed to the musical score - there just seemed something otherworldly haunting about the tunes, which went a long way in helping the atmosphere. All in all, a pretty interesting presentation and setup, will be interesting to see how the story develops and how the various people are going to connect with the mystery.
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