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This is imperial China, that's one of the major things you expect Military generals and court officials to do. What we didn't expect was that he was so charismatic about it.
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Well, Dong Zhuo did had several great general following him, which doesn't make sense if he's just a womanizer fat pig which can't do anything like the novel portrayed him.
I rather believe that the historical Dong only got far because he had a capable adviser in Li Ru, his son-in-law.

Many of Dong's achievements was attributed to Li, including placing Shao as a puppet on the throne, the seduction of Lu Bu and razing of Louyang.

This manga is really great, the problem is ROTK is just too much material to cover with the writer's pacing right now(where one major battle need 4-5 volume to cover). I'm afraid the author will pass away first and the series become unfinished.
Chen Mou is in a fast forward mood now. Sun Ce had been dealt with. Guang Du is underway and the latest chapter had Yuan Fang dealing a serious blow to Gou Jia's stratagem. This will perhaps see the end of the comic's Gou Jia.
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