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Here's a thought. If touching Homura during her time freeze allows you to be unfrozen, and assuming that Homura's time freeze is the reason why it appears as if she "teleports", then how did she move Sayaka out of the way in episode 5 without her being aware of it like Kyouko was?
I'd have to rewatch, but does Homura grab Kyouko's hand in episode 9 before she starts her time stop or after? If it is before, then it is possible anything she is touching at that time is not stopped, but anything she touches afterwards doesn't get unfrozen. So Kyouko grabbing onto Homura in Episode 8, and if she was holding hands with her in episode 9, she wouldn't be time stopped. However, after starting up her time stop ability perhaps Homura can no longer unfreeze anyone, allowing her to grab Sayaka completely without her knowing and also putting bombs and such on Catherine.
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