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Well, some of the exaggeration of some figure also doesn't help in knowing the true history of the period IMO. I mean, Zhuge Liang is definitely a very talented person, and arguably a genius, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't that dominating in the days and make the other figure fighting him looks inept like that.

Don't get me wrong, I like Zhuge Liang, and I still think he's arguably the most brilliant person in his era, but I'm pretty sure people like Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, or Sima Yi wasn't as bad as he was portrayed in the fictional novel of Luo Guanzhong that they basically get owned by Zhuge Liang over and over again.

If they deified Zhuge Liang like that, who knows who else were actually a talented general during the era and end up getting a bad name in the process of deifying people like Zhuge Liang.
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