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Originally Posted by Konzept View Post
Nice picture, I see you put alot work into it. I really like the background but there are anatomy and proportions problems with Kairin. Sometimes, you are so into the work that you will miss alot of the mistakes. This is where other artists comes in and spot these things.

Alot of what blazerushmore said is right, I did some outlining of the original and my modified one. Sorry I used your picture like this without your permission but I'm more of a visual person so is easier to show you like this then to write it out.

What I do is flap my picture horizontaly, it is easier to spot incorrect things when you do this. Like a mirror when something is not right flipped, something is wrong unflipped.

Hey thanks for that. It's a lot easier to see what is being talked about with a picture. I agree with the left hand. I like it in yours better. However I'm still not convinced about the right arm pose. In my version she's supporting the weight of her torso with her elbow locked into position. In the modified version, there's no support for the weight. But yes her shoulder is out a bit too much I see that now.


Ok I already have this picture printed out...I thought it was finished. Now it looks like it isn't. So the question now is this. Do I go back and fix everything even after already spending a good month on this (and these are NOT minor changes. They would take another 1-2 weeks since I have work to go to as well). Or do I say "okay I know the mistakes, I'll learn from them and try not to do them next time"

What's everyone opinion on this?

EDIT: And I guess this is perfect evidence that no one is perfect. I may seem like I can draw really well but I know better than anyone that I still have much to learn. I am only 20 after all (which may not seem like an excuse but let's face it. The older you are, the longer you've been drawing, the better you become). Looking back just now though, I need more of the above posts. Posts that tell me what's wrong with my pictures. They help me to become better and that in the end is my ultimate goal (alongside of having fun because if it isn't fun, what's the point?)

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