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Fate/hollow ataraxia takes place half a year after the end of the 5th Holy Grail war (in other words, half a year after the end of Fate/stay night). The premise is that someone has restarted the Holy Grail war, and you have to find out the truth within the "promised 4 days". The entire game of hollow ataraxia takes place within these 4 days, at the end of the last day, you will be sent back to the main menu, but all the events you have already seen remains "checked". Slowly, through the repeating 4 days, you will uncover the truth behind the reopened war and the looping days.

Mechanics wise, hollow ataraxia is comprised of hundreds of "scenes", which you can pick freely from an overworld map of Fuyuki city throughout the 4 days. Each day is split into Morning, Afternoon, and Night, which all contains different events. The events are represented with clickable character icons that float over the location (for example, a Saber icon floating over the dock represents an event dealing with Saber at the dock. Most events are lighthearted and fun to watch, where we get to see all the servants living out a normal life after the last war. At the same time, some events are important "key" events that pushes the main story on. So depending on your preference, you can leave the "everyday" events and pick only the "key" events to push the main story on, or you can loop the days as many time as you want and watch all the events available before moving on with the story (which opens up more events).

As for the question "does hollow ataraxia continue after a scenario in Fate?" I'd say yes and no. hollow ataraxia contains references to all three routes of Fate/stay night, but it doesn't follow any route in particular. For one, even though some, if not most, servants died in all the scenarios from Fate/stay night, all the servants are alive and well in hollow ataraxia.

You can probably think of it this way "the story of hollow ataraxia assumes that all three routes from Fate/stay night has occured, but regardless of the actual ending, everyone is alive and well with memories from all three routes".
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