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I like Sakaki. He's my favorite master after Shigure and Apachi.

Also, I've only gone as far as the anime has, but as far as Kenichi women up until that point go:

High tier:

1. Shigure
2. Miu (I find her more attractive than Shigure, though)
3. Renka (I usually despise romantic jealousy plotlines and come to dislike whichever one I'm not cheering for (or at least come to like them less), but while the romantic jealousy thing does have its annoying moments, Renka is likable enough to be an exception in that it doesn't make me like her any less)

Likable but not quiet high tier:

4. Kisara

Meh tier:

5. Freya (her Valkyries are cute, but they barely classify as anything more than eye candy)
6. Honoka

Shit tier:

7. Izumi
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