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I was thinking that there is a very small chance that by the end of the current story, YOMI may lose 3 members, and that may be the reason behind the three disciplines that Ogata showed in a past chapter.
Lol true I guess I wasent the only one thinkining the number 3 was too accurate for the current Yomi members and the new ones hehehe.

Still I wonder what Ethen, Chikage, Rachel will do....

Ethen I dont know what he would do, but judging from how he follows his sisters orders on the same level as his master and the new possibilitys that Ethens master will be sent too the Big Locks, rises the chances that Ethen will either befriend Kenichi and just continue his school days and join the Shinpaku alliance.

Im not sure what Rachel might do after this since she craves attention so much, god knows what she might do, but I suspect she would want too continue school and gain as much attention as she can.

But Chikage, well its obvious she will just return too her master and hope for some more training, but I dont think Chikage´s master will be so happe too see her returning with the results over the fact she is still unsure about wether her path is the one she wants too take the "Killing fist" Path or "Saving Fist" path.

Also is anyone else getting this tingling feeling that Rachel might gain some feelings for Kenichi? I dont know why, but its bin heavily hinted up until now that Rachel will join Keinchi´s harem lol, also Chikage is hanging on a thin line wether she or she will now.

I think the reason why the author is making most of the girls that are now appearing and falling in love with Kenichi is just fan service, new comady gags, and away too bring out Miu´s love side for Kenichi more out in the open.

Because all the girls in the world can fall in love with Kenichi, but Kenichi will still remain loyal too Miu until she rejects him or falls in love with someone else. Thats why I find Kenichi´s harem so harmless, and see the reason why he is gaining so much attention from other girls.
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