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So I had been giving the OST 2 a bit of a listen, and I have to say, every bit of the AGE-2 music is an improvement to the already solid first OST. The first track in particular is incredibly addictive. Will post pics from the booklet sometime later, but suffice to say, plenty pleased with this one. Already Pre-ording the 3rd one from today
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Does anyone know the name of the music that starts playing at 3:40 seconds in Gundam AGE episode 14?
Yes, it's on the second OST, track 16. I was honestly surprrised to hear AGE-1 music on this OST, but I suppose music can travel across the AGE's hahahaha

I'm sorry.

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The 3rd Op will have to grow on me like the 2nd one did, but so far the 1st one is the only one I've really liked straight out of the gate. So far for me the 2nd one has had the best visuals, the 1st the best song and the 3rd....well not quite sure yet as I mentioned.
Yeah, I've been listening to Asu e a lot now days, and I have to say that it's honestly fantastic, even if I don't rank it as the best AGE opening theme, it's still pretty up there as far as anime music OP go. What I find incredibly disappointing is to discover that there is no non-vocal version on the CD I got, really a huge shame

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Another thing, this OP contains the best teasers. I didn't expect the moe vegan at all (this is for the other thread, yes?).
Yeah, I think it's pretty great great how much this opening teases with and the sort of developments we should expect in the future, like a good opening should do (Spoiler thread I suppose?)

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Looks like the OP was directed by Masami Obari (famous for super robot shows like Gravion, Dancougar Nova and SRWOG)... So the visuals definitely reflect that.
Yeah, I saw this over at yaraon

Spoiler for :
AGE sure is making it's place in the next SRW game already huh
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I have heard a familiar type of tune somewhere...
Faylan has a pretty distinct singing voice, so it's not unusual if it sounds similar.
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