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Originally Posted by Roloko vi Britannia View Post
Yeah FT openings spoil way too much especially if you haven't read the manga. You can pretty much get the gist of the arc just by viewing the opening. xD

I love all the AGE openings, but I loved the second opening the best although it took a while to get used to the song. Now I'm addicted to it and miss seeing it.

Oh and I just found this and its better than the original 1st ending. Don't remember if it was played in the anime or not or it was just on the soundtrack only.

Holy shit they made the first ending good. Well the singer is still way too damn nasally but damn son....what a difference a tempo change can make

I don't know, somehow I still just don't feel that modern pop music suits Gundam all that well. For me I'm still all about the ballads. Somehow this version just feels more....right....

Speaking of which am I the only person that feels the music in AGE has gotten a little worse since the show started. Like I actually really liked a lot of the music that went into the first generation and even some of the early episodes of Gen 2 but since about the time the Zeydra was introduced I just haven't been feeling the soundtrack as much. It somehow went from low key orchestral music to kind of IMO uninspired techno.

Originally Posted by Zulu Keita View Post
I disliked the Gundam Age OP3, I felt that the footage shown ,first of all was not good at all as it gave away too little and also the song is not that good either... Personal opinion of course but I feel like both the first and 2nd opening were a lot better.
Part of the problem is that the OP was directed by Masami Obari who is a really big name in the mecha industry, but personally I think he kind of sucks and has never really managed to do anything really great and has a habit of just making everything into shows he has done before. It's a bit hard to explain but if you watch the opening to Tekkaman Blade (IMO one of the few truly good shows he's ever worked on) you'll see a lot of similarities. It's not quite Jinki Extend's opening compared to Mobile Suit Gundam, but lets just say if I didn't know both were by the same director that I could argue there's grounds for a law suit.

That and frankly the song itself is generic and uninspired as hell for a final opening.

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