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Originally Posted by florza View Post
I used to read the more difficult LNs in Chinese, like Campione, until I started translating from Chinese (for pure speed). Many inconsistencies resulted in me referring back to the original, and discovering mistranslations here and there. Even worse, there were completely skipped lines. Speaking from personal experience as someone who can read both the Chinese and Japanese and compare them, I can definitely tell you there are more mistakes than you think. Now, because of that, I simply translate everything from Japanese. But as far as I remember, different Chinese translations sites have different degrees of accuracy, and I did used to read from wenku8 (recommended by others, like zzhk), I can hardly imagine how many inaccuracies there are in the other fan translation sites.

That's why I told him to reread the story.

And on the Chinese translations, I believe my point has been made.
For Campione specifically, let me ask you if you translated from official translations by the publishing company or the fan translations? Second, if you translated from a fan translation, did you translate from the early volumes or the later volumes?

Official translations are done by the pros, but they're slower by about 2 or 3 volumes. Second, for fan translations. If it's earlier in Campione's life, then chances are the fan translation was done by someone of lesser ability. Generally speaking, popular works have teams or top translators working on them. If it's early in the works life cycle, lesser translators (some who admit they have a low level of Japanese) just take works for practice and try to get the work noticed.

Lastly, even if you do take early translations, I highly doubt that there would be factual errors. Sentences? Names? Sure.

Wenku is hardly a translation site. It's just a host. You need to go the source. And if you think fan translation sites are bad, then what does that make baka tsuki?

^^ The DxD was just that. A spoiler, NOT A TRANSLATION. There wasn't even any assumptions. It was simply a supposed reader telling a hungry group of individuals a spoiler. Of course, what made that spoiler very suspicious was that the spoiler was released BEFORE the novel was released.

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