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Originally Posted by ippus View Post
"Sou Da You" was more interesting than Hoshi Kira would ever be.
Sou Da Yo was beautiful. I like the musical arrangement for Hoshi Kira (but it's still not an Aoi no Ether or Songbird class), though, but still Sou Da Yo is miles better to me. It set the ending of the first movie so well. It's probably my favorite 100% Ranka song.

Originally Posted by LoveMeKags View Post
Ranka, to me, starts out as Misa - totally absorbed in her job, taken aback by Alto's comments about her childish behavior (totally the "old woman" scene from SDFM) and worries not only about the safety of her brother but Alto as well, then she becomes Minmei as she's separated from Alto - not letting Sheryl's relationship with him bother her too much until the end when she sees them together and confirms Nanase's report.

To me, the characters swapped quite a bit from their SDFM roles. For Ranka, she swapped back and forth between Misa and Minmei before becoming Minmei fully. For Sheryl, she swapped back and forth between Minmei and Misa before becoming Misa fully. And the only one who didn't change: Alto, who was Hikaru.

Kawamori loved to do that, it seemed.
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