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Originally Posted by Lugia_Tsuyu View Post
And as she proved herself to all of us that she can now sings waaaaaaaaaaay better than before...I really hope she will improve her dancing skills, too...'cause they...look awkward...Still, I like you, Mamegu!!!

And I think the reason I don't like Ranka's songs much is because I kept comparing her songs (Mamegu) with Sheryl's (May'n). Now I think both of them sing beautifully, but before (when the series first started) May'n has had more experience than Mamegu so it's no wonder I think Mamegu couldn't sing well. But now I know that it was wrong of me.
Then again, in the beginning and even in the end of Macross F, Nakajima doesn't really get much exposure. I mean, she wasn't as popular as May'n. By the time she started to shed that cocoon and become a singer, May'n was already way more popular, as she had started singing and produced singles/albums before Nakajima. But, as Ranka, she still didn't get HALF the exposure as May'n did as Sheryl. Like I stated a while back, Sheryl has way more songs (20) than Ranka (12). When it comes to Ranka's commercial songs, she might have around 5-10 more, but still, Sheryl sung way more long or serious songs. So, Nakajima never really got a chance to sing sad songs except Aoi no Ether.

It's not that she can't sing well, but she's constantly trying to suppress her age. She's grown since being many of her characters on TV. Her voice has gotten more like her speaking voice. Someone mentioned that her voice was very strained while playing Ranka in the 1st movie. This is true. She cannot really hit those tones anymore. But she tries, because she's like Ranka, trying to do what everyone expects of her till the end.

Nakajima really did express that she was a lot LIKE Ranka. So, we have to think of Ranka when thinking of Nakajima sometimes.
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