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Originally Posted by Azuma Denton View Post
Wait, i thought that Strait already purge all the Hamon master.
How come there is still Lisa-Lisa??
Can someone explain this?
Not here; they are spoilers. Btw, asking for spoilers can also get your post deleted or served infraction and stuff.

And Sheba, whatever you think, to some people, while they may not be spoilers, to others they are. garbage already mentioned explicitly that he got spoiled because he doesn't even want to know about that; ie. the outline. Even if such an outline is available on the official website (and it's not), it should be accompanied by properly labeled spoiler tags, because whatever that constitutes as non-spoiler and does not need to be spoiler-tagged in the anime thread is only restricted to whatever we've seen so far in the anime episodes.

Not trying to fault you or anything, since I occasionally forget that as well in my excitement (or rage sometimes).
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