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I am only guessing but at the time Shimako was not Sei petite souer. Yoshino may had health problem or her present was not need for the Hanadera event. It maybe that they only request that Rose help and the bouton and bouton petite souer are not invite. I am sure if the Rose request them to be there to help I am sure Hanadera will not say not to it but I again I am only guessing.
OT: Ah, I remember now. Shimako became a Bouton after the Sports Fair (Sachiko-sama asked Shimako soon after, and Sei-sama intervened after about a week).

Anyway, back to the episode. As someone who read the novel beforehand, I have to admit I am biased.
Spoiler for for Kanako:

All and all, great episode. Especially Sachiko-Yumi bonding. You can just feel how much they care for each other, it just warms you up. Sei-fied Yumi is also a plus!
Spoiler for Favorite Scenes:
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