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Originally Posted by soccer_bre View Post
someone seriously needs to tell me when the subbed version comes out ))))) im so excited!!! who else is????
Judging by when the second OVA was finally subbed, my guess-timate would be three weeks or four weeks from the release date. Don't take that to heart, I'm only basing that off what I've seen from the first two. I'm hoping for the best release time for the fansub version. I swear I plan on learning Japanese just for this series!

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Subbing slowly is preferred here.

Thanks to all of your reviews I am very excited about the third OVA. It's been nothing but good words about it... I've seen the credits (which isn't much, yes I know but I'm marimite junkie) and they only made me want to see what came before it. Mannnnnn do I wish I would have learned japanese instead of english.
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