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Originally Posted by tabun View Post
Then what would interest me is how the Lords have attained their respective power level. Age? Training? Any hints here? (I don't mind spoilers from the Manga crowd here, but others might )

Also, what if, let's say, the Flame of Heaven were to meet the Arbiter of Reverse Reasoning one on one, what would the difference in power be? Would it be over nine thousand? (sorry for that)
Sadly, author Takahashi has yet to reveal how these two classes are distinguished. We can only assume that their ranks are based on their powers.

As for power levels between Crimson Lords, well, that's open for debate. Though technically speaking, Alastor, who is the only Crimson Lord to emit a natural red flame (compared to the "unnatural" colours of Marchosias's blue, Tiamat's purple and Behemoth's orange, etc), is considered by many from the Crimson World to be the most powerful in terms of strength, as he requires an insane amount of PoE to manifest physically. Hence his long search for a suitable container large enough to hold him.
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