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Originally Posted by Duo Maxwell View Post
Not as much as loving the old Dante, but hating the new one, honestly. I welcome change, but this one is so shitty I don't even know where to begin. Do I even need they to remind me of how teenagers nowaday are? I actually liked Nero more than this punk if you ask me.
Teens these days are more like Nero than New Dante? Where did YOU grow up. the teens around here are ass holes, curse all the time and wear baggy pants with tags still hanging off them and their hats.

I wish i grew up where you did :P

Wow this gay news crap? When did this start? I never thought of him as gay, specially not his appearance in any way.

"the game world needs a male bayonetta, a gay one" Are you fuckin kiddin me? No the fuck we don't. XD Gay? idc, but a male bayonetta? We have one... er actually a female Dante.
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