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Chapter 701
This chapter is very good. Dressrosa is very interesting. The crew splitting up the way they did was very lopsided.

Who used the Devil Fruit?
Originally Posted by shalala View Post
For some reason I think the blind man DF is from his sword. Because why else would he take it out? or maybe he uses his sword to make the AOE of his power.
I noticed that too and it is weird how it all happened. The question now is who has a devil fruit? Is it the Blind Man(strong possibility Fujitora), or is it the Sword, or Both? This is going to be interesting.

There are some weird stuff going on that does not make sense right now. Why would the blind man(strong possibility Fujitora) reveal himself so quickly? Second it very convenient that he is exactly in the same place has the assault team (Zoro, Luffy, Kinome, Sanji, and Franky). He is exactly in the right place to intercept and prevent the destruction of the factory. Why is Fujitora not out to sea waiting for the Sunny, how about being at Green Bit to collect on CC and screw Dalfamingo over? Fujitora could be in so many better places in this arch and yet he right were the strike team is. That tells me two things. One Akainu is working with Daflamingo. Someone is leaking information to the enemy(My guess is Mononosuke).

Daflamingo and Fujtora are exactly were they should be. Daflamingo deals with the Green Bit negotiations and Fujtora prevents the factory from being destroyed. If any of this is true then Daflamingo did not give up both of his titles. That would explain why the country is not in chaos like Sanji noticed.

Bigger Plot?
This also leads me to something else did Akainu devise this whole SAD supply stuff to take Kaidou down from behind the scene? The reason I ask is why send Fujitora(Which could be the blind man) to intercept the Straw Hats before they destroy the factory? Why not wait and let L&L alliance(Luffy and Law) and Daflamingo fight each other untill there is one winner then destroy the winner. At least this way you get rid of a Straw hat and do away with both the back stabbing Shichibukai. It seems has if Fujitora is there to help Daflamingo.

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