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Funny that this just occurred to me now, but to bring up a different possibility aside from the Wapolmetal theory, what if the toys were all fed Smiles? The more I think about it, the more I feel it makes a lot of sense since Dressrosa is the home of the Smile factories in the first place. So it may just be possible that the toys are all zoans, rather than robots as I predicted earlier. Of course, that also means I still haven't given up on one of the strongest toys being an arc boss, if that's indeed the case (maybe some of them are even based on mythical creatures).....

Also, Grey's post reminded me: I also agree that Sanji's suspicion towards the calm demeanor of the Dressrosa citizens seems to imply that Dofla faked the news of giving up both his positions, after all. I had even mentioned myself during the past couple threads that Dofla would use the news article as a means to spring a trap on the Straw-Heart alliance. And while I have my doubts about the possibility of Dofla collaborating with the marines, I guess I can kind of see him deceiving Fujitora into helping him target the allied pirates, assuming that he really IS the blind man.....
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