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That being said, I'm surprised no one has chimed in on the whole Mihawk is the greatest swordsmen thing. True, we do not know the relation between this blind man and his sword, but he did clearly use his sword to do something, so he might be a swordsman, in which case he is currently ranked below Mihawk. So, if he is an Admiral and a swordsman, then he would still be below Mihawk, which wouldn't be a very good position for an Admiral to be in.
Well, these new admirals don't necessarily have to be exactly as strong as Kizaru, Aokiji, and Akainu. As a matter of fact, I'm expecting them to be slightly weaker than said admiral trio. That being said, presuming that this guy is Fujitora, he doesn't have to be on par with Mihawk to be a formidable enemy, because he can still most likely defeat like 99% of the pirates out there.
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