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While I agree that there is no official titles created via a reputation/contest system, that doesn't stop the titles from meaning exactly what they say. (Personally, greatest swordsmen, to me, has always meant Mihawk can do something with his blade no one else can, something that makes it so he cannot be defeated by other swordsmen (though he could be defeated by other means); consequently he doesn't need to fight everyone). It makes little sense for Oda to create these titles unless they actually matter or are relevant, especially since Mihawk's title is quite literally his selling point (and Zoro's greatest dream).

That being said, the entire point of Mihawk within the context of being a Shichibukai is that he is the known strongest swordsman. It is literally his reputation, and Shichibukai are all about reputation. Consequently, unless the world government wants Mihawk's power to be diminished by having other swordsmen stronger than him with Ranks equal to him, then it is unlikely that an Admiral will be a swordsman only.

edit: To put it even simpler, the marines acknowledged Mihawk just last chapter as the unrivaled greatest swordsman. So I find it hard to believe that the next Admiral would be a swordsman if the marines themselves already acknowledge Mihawk as the best...

I'm all for this blind character to be an Admiral, he just can't be a swordsman only. He can use a sword, be a weaker swordsman compared to Mihawk, but still be stronger overall for other reasons.

Mihawk can be defeated but all he did was defeat whoever was the previous WSS. Mihawk and Shanks have been portrayed as equals yet Shanks has no title. Mihawk isn't stronger than him and there are plenty of swordsman who don't need a title to prove how strong they are. Mihawk couldn't even damage Vista somebody he never met. There are plenty of swordsman who Mihawk hasn't met that he wouldn't damage yet be on the same level as him. Blind man is just one of them but he doesn't care about some title.
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