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Best of Anime 2017 (day 2)

First of all, sorry for being late in posting. Well, it's time of the year one again for a Best of Anime cosplay convention. This large event was held at SMX Convention Center at Sept 9 and 10. I attended the second day.

Without any further delay, here are the pics.

Time: almost 4 pm in the afternoon
Place: inside Function Room 4 of SMX

Came to the event without knowing the sched, but it's my lucky day because arrived just in time to see Starmarie performance. Watched them before doing anything else. Have also recorded a video, you can see it near the end o f this writeup. ^^

Time: almost 5 pm in the afternoon. Ok, watching Starmarie is a fun start to the convention. Let's take a walk now.

Some shops.


First cosplayer that I saw is Solenn, she's cosplaying as Alice from Fukumenkei Noise.


Mana from Guilty Crown. Cosplay by Fia


Next I saw a Mario and Luigi cosplayer. One of them is Catrhleen, although I don't know who, since only one of them wrote on my mini notebook. Might edit this part later.

Hmm, not many cosplayers walking around since many are still seated watching the Anime Sing-Off contest on stage. I have a video of the sing-off contest too, and a pic of the winner. But for now, let's walk around some more. ^^

Saw a friend. Wendy cosplaying as Chibiusa. Always nice to accidentally see friends when walking at cons.

. .

Rikka Takanashi cosplay by Sereia

The Starmarie at their meet and greet booth. Was able to handshake with them at 2014.. unfortunately, I don't have enough funds this time to have a meet and greet with them.

Well, I did take some videos of their performance... I guess that would be enough for this event. Would just wait for them to come back next year.

Let's go outside for a bit... usually there's more cosplayers outside than inside the Function Room.

Time: almost 5:30 pm
Place: second floor of SMX, outside Function Room 4

Maki Nishikino cosplay by Kou and Sonoda Umi cosplay by Michan. No event is complete without nLove Live cosplayers. ^^

Card Captor Sakura cosplay by Lala


Mirrage cosplaying as Taiga. Hmm, she told me that this is the "gray version" of Taiga. But I don't know from what anime this Taiga came from. This part might be edited later. XD


Mamika Kirameki from Re:Creators. Cosplay by Krist Lim

Charlotte cosplaying as Ram from Re:Zero

Oh, did not expect to see another friend. Mich Bartolome cosplaying as Rem from Re:Zero. Sje's the cat cosplayer from my Cosplay Carnival 2017 writeup. She's doing a Rem costrip this time. And the Ram cosplayer (Charlotte) is her cousin.


Hmm, and just after seeing Mich. Saw another friend... Donna-chan wearing her Freyja Wion cosplay, the stowaway version. She joke that she can only sing if there's someone with Var, and it's difficult to eat only apples.

Anyway, the wig she's using are actually two different wigs put together to make a wig that looks like Fryeja's hair.

. . . .

Kirito cosplay by Ian, and a Leafa cosplay by Clarence.

Sadly, it's almost time to go home. Went back inside the function one last time. They shine a blacklight to see the invisible ink stamped on your arm.

Time: almost 6:30 pm
Place: inside Function Room 4

The video game area.


Some anime items for sale.

Maki Nishikino banner. I saw some people carrying around the banner of their favorite Love Live character.

Still a lot of action on stage.

Honoka Kousaka from Love Live (devil version). Cosplay by Audrey. This is the first time I saw that a cosplayer also has a trident. Glad that I saw her before going home. ^^

Oh, and someone I did not expect to see. Meet Yurina Toyoda, she's the winner of the Anime Sing-Off contest. The video quality that I have recorded is not clear, but it you were there at the event you will hear that she really has a nice voice.


Eromanga sensei cosplay by Churro

Let's take one last look at some of the shops.

Stuffed toys and shirts.

. .

Kawaii PH booth. I bought some nice keychains from them. You can see at the end of this writeup.

Some more stuffed toys


Written by fans of Starmarie.

A one last look at the stage. Big Hero is watching.

Time: almost 7 pm
Place: outside the function room

Chitoge Kirisaki cosplay Javie Yu

. .

Saw Donna-chan's group again. Talked a bit about Macross Frontier stuffs, and I also learned that they planned to stay till the event finish. Well, that's what they always do I guess.

. .

Goodbye BOA 2017. Had a lot of fun. Will come back again next year.

Sadly, there's one more cosplayer.. Yumeko Kurenai a Miko Hatsune kimono version, that I would like to take a pic. But my camera ran out battery (might edit this part later if I could get a pic of her).

Pics taken at home:

Maki Nishikino towel and keychain. Given to me by Donna-chan as b-day gift. Thank you. ^^


Rem, Ruby, and Eromanga sensei keychains from Otaku's Den.

Videos recorded at the event.

These were recorded at extreme distance from the stage, so the video quality is not very good. And sorry, my hands are a little bit shaky at the start of each video.

Oh, and I suggest you set the video to 360p or 480p to make the quality a little better, there's a circular wheel at the bottom of the screen, you can set it there.


part 1

part 2

part 3 (my favorite song from them)

Anime Sing-Off Contest

Only my Railgun by Geneva. I'm surprised she can sing so fast, just like in the real song.

Yuzurenai Negai by Yurina Toyoda. Winner of the contest. The video quality that I record is not so good, but at the event she has a really nice voice.

Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. Next report might be one of the anime conventions that will happen at December. ",)

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