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Sasuke (or Harikune on this forum), is a friend of mine. He's working with us on the first Naruto MMORPG.

The graphics are RMXP style, made from scratch with Ruby Code.

The game features hundreds of beautiful maps from the Naruto world, as well as patches.

What we are currently looking for is mappers and spriters. Anyone who can make decent Ninja (and great) sprites in Rpg Maker XP style is greatly apart of the team. Also, anyone who can make tilesets based off of the Naruto world (if you've seen the show, you know), then that is even more greatly appreciated.

Here are a few screenshots:

Just an example of the realtime fighting. You can tell it's online because the player's name is above his head, as wel as how much damage he's getting hit for.

NOTE! These are NOT the real graphics! Just defaults to get the server up!

For more info, go to our forum and check the announcements.

Last Ninja Online

But were do i find the game at?
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