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Originally Posted by problemedchild View Post
An external HDD would be cheaper.........
It depends what you want to do with them. I find it easier to archive and carry around CDs and DVDs in CD binders (I have three such binders, just to give you a sense of the inner librarian within me). Additionally, if I want to lend out data to family and friends I'll generally do it through optical media. Shifting a hard drive around would be a bit awkward.

Originally Posted by hobbes_fan View Post
I've been waiting close to a year for a 2tb drive but it's looking more and more that 1tb will be the max capacity for a while yet. Prices have stagnated for HDD as a result. If there's no downward pressre from higher capacity drives there's no movement in price. I'm well aware of RAID options but it's not feasible to run RAID1 or variants in every situation. (Raid0 = bullshit waste of time IMO)
This is a very important point. I work with video and thus use up gobs of disk space. As of now I have five Western Digital MyBook Premium/Pro (the only difference is the color and what it comes pre-formatted in, it seems) in my office, all of them rated at 1.5 TB. However, each enclosure is a RAID device within itself and contains two 750 GB drives. By default, these are coming in a RAID 0 configuration. Using WD's software you can put these into RAID 1. You can't make a RAID out of two enclosures, not even to do a RAID 0+1.

In my case, I use two of the drives in their full 1.5 TB glory purely as working drives. The archival drives which store DVD masters and layouts are put into RAID 1. In a way it's nice having the RAID 1 done for you, but I'd prefer to have greater control.

More to the point, I feel that while HD manufacturers are getting creative to overcome the limitations of HD space by turning to RAID solutions, they're taking advantage of people's ignorance over technology. The average person - heck, even my boss, who is pretty good with computers - doesn't know a thing about RAID. Even if they did, I haven't seen it written anywhere on the box that this is 1.5 TB in RAID 0. RAID 0 has its place, but it's not with the majority of users who have a hard enough time managing their data from other computer problems. At ~$500 that's an expensive loss of data for not guarding against the potential failures of a RAID 0 setup.
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