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Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
You can't make a RAID out of two enclosures, not even to do a RAID 0+1.
Does the OS kernel support RAID? I know I could build a Linux box that would mount the five enclosures and connect them together as a RAID 0. If I can address each drive inside the enclosures separately, I could build two RAID 0 arrays using one drive from each enclosure, then use RAID 1 to join them together. I would think any modern operating system that supports kernel-level RAID could do this.

I like RAID 1 more than RAID 5 from bitter experience with the latter. You don't have the unlimited size of RAID 5, but I like knowing that a complete image of my data is on each drive with RAID 1.

RAID 0 has its place, but it's not with the majority of users who have a hard enough time managing their data from other computer problems.
QFT. I was amazed when I started seeing consumer workstations with RAID 0 arrays from the manufacturer. I don't see them so often these days; perhaps the flood of frantic support calls made the manufacturers see the error of their ways.
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