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Originally Posted by ReddyRedWolf View Post
If you noticed that Sheryl encouraged Ranka in singing. To catch up to her.

Music and fame wont be their conflict Oh no.

It would be Alto.
No way. I can even see Ranka backing down rather than staying in the ring for the LT. Alto will just have to stop being a princess and take the cue. If anything, Sheryl and Ranka probably will be best friends throughout the show or something.

After that speech Sheryl gave when they were trapped inside that pod, I doubt her pride will let her RIP if she lets herself stoop down to her insecurities and end up as a clingy has-been. I find the idea of her becoming more emo than Ranka and consoling someone like Alto a little out of character. Besides, after 4 episodes, I still have yet to see some proof that Sheryl's self-esteem has its limits.

For the record, I never liked Sheryl btw, she just fell on the bad side of my first impressions that's all. I just give credit to where there should be credit. That and because I want princess Alto and her pet Ranka to have a happy ending without the "wrench" interfering. Because you see, Sheryl Nome antagonizes my fave character's happy ending. I have to hate somehow and I'm bitter that way.

I'm not familiar with the original Macross, but I'm guessing Misa was the first girl in the show and Minmei second, right? lol I don't think the LT will follow that previous set-up no matter how parallel things are. Where's the fun in that?
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