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Originally Posted by herbert View Post
I wonder if you have read this. I am fine with Westlo's posts, even though I really dislike some of them. I am only not fine with that guy's that post.
there's a reason why there's a "lol" at the end of it (it's a joke). sheryl should be shot, maimed, hung, slapped with a salami it's just an expression, doesn't mean i'm serious. the only serious rant i have about sherly is her hair is sooo shiny and reflective that i rarely look at her face. sheryl is fine, so don't take my death comment too seriously. note: bad joke next sentence. i still think all you pink-haired hina/sheryl fans are all a bunch of perverts :P. what is it with pink hair anyways lol? sickos!

Originally Posted by orion View Post
I'd think that it's okay to think that way but put it in the Sheryl thread.
I'm sure there will probably be more sentiments in that direction next week. Just remember it's only anime.
shall i start posting in the Sheryl thread ? yeah, it's just anime, and so far i'm lovin' frontier (even more so than zero, plus, and 7) and all the homage scenes. though this misa = sheryl and ranka = minmei talk bothers me lol. i think everybody's different.

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