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Most new x.264 MKV releases having problems encoding to PSP

I've recently been unable to encode my x.264 MKV anime to my PSP. This occurs only with the newer releases such as Macross Frontier and ef - a tale of memories.

The encoding would stop half way and output a desynced file. Everything has been working fine until recent releases. I have not changed any of my directshow filters, or done anything to my OS. I've tried encoding on different computers ranging from clean installs of XP, Vista 32bit and 64bit, with older directshow filters and such.

I am positive now that something has changed recently with ffdshow or the x.264 backend.
The software I'm using is mediacoder from to encode my videos to MP4 AVC for my PSP.

I've tried several other programs without success. The only other program that worked, but without subtitles was PSPVC 2.6. It requires SRT subs, but ASS converted using subtitle workshop caused the program to crash. If anybody has any ideas, please share them.
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