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As of March 5th they've just announced that there is a drama cd coming out and Koyasu is mentioning it a lot on his blog,
other than that we still have little information
they had a poll to name seiyuu and the first four have been named

Let us introduce the first four members of the “VELVET UNDERWORLD“ seiyuu unit!

A.Y.A ・・・ Koyasu Takehito
Kuro ・・・ Suzumura Ken'ichi
Dry ・・・ KENN
Pawn ・・・ Toyonaga Toshiyuki<i/>

there is also an 8 page minicomic currently available with
"Koyasu/Iwata no VOICE Kyarabi" magazine

although apparently they are still denying it has anything to do with Weiss Kreuz, although no one believes them
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