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Originally Posted by Shadow Kira01 View Post
I get the feeling that Velvet Underworld is a spinoff of Weiss Kreuz which sounds great! :P
I don't think it was ever supposed to have anything to do w/Weiß. I think Koyasu Takehito's thinking was that of "built in audience", yah know? Though it's interesting to note just how much of Weiß makes an appearance in this new story...Velvet Underworld, Aya, Birman and there's another character w/a cat name (play off of the Weiß boys Codenames?!?). Either from lack of creativity, or marketing ploy, or maybe it's just how connected Koyasu Takehito still is to his original brainchild.

When this project was first announced, all the Weiß kreuz fans were hoping Takehito would get all the Weiß members reunited for this, whether it be a spin-off or not. Personally, I wish Takehito would let the Weiß franchise's to this day my favourite, and I don't want to see it dragged out anymore than it has been (alas, Glühen and Side B *wince*).
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