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Originally Posted by kyosak View Post
im just gonna play devil's advocate here because i'm bored and you bothered to reply lol

actually, maeda also had a role in writing the scenario for kanon, however minor it may have been.
as for planetarian, i would have to say the existence and public image of this game is pretty insignificant, almost nonexistent, compared to the likes of air/clannad/LB.

to me, this makes no sense
i guess you think otherwise, but in my opinion, maeda's writing is pretty much synonymous with the brand of key up until this point.
- i don't think hisaya's influence on this brand even begins to compare to maeda's.
- not to mention kanon was the very first game under the key brand. if we go by recent trends, i don't think hisaya is even relevant.
- already mentioned planetarian above.
- try and tell me maeda's script for rin's route and refrain were not the only saving grace for little busters (same logic for saya and EX)

i would like to believe key brand no longer has to restrict itself to this.
hisaya only left after kanon.
maeda is slowly fading from involvement as we can see in current trend...
just like maeda said in an interview, one can only crank out so many nakige.
how many times are we gonna see this until it starts to feel forced?
i agree that chances are high rewrite will have some sort of nakige element (and i would like this)
but with rewrite being the first big project with a total overhaul of writing staff, i would like to expect that it will bring something totally new to the brand.
haha i seriously agree to that
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