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It would actually be very satisfying for me if they defeat/seal him without the help of Itachi ending the Edo Tensei. His condescending attitude is remarkably misplaced, and he gives himself far too much credit. He's not doing this well on his own merits, and Hashirama wouldn't either. He's matching the power of the five Kages against that of himself, Hashirama, and the Rinnegan combined, plus zombie immortality and unlimited chakra from Edo Tensei. If anything, the five Kages are at a disadvantage going by numbers, and it would be great if they put Madara and his big mouth in their place regardless.
i don't know, i think he's right for the most part. his snotty attitude might be annoying to some but i think he has every right to brag. tsunade is no doubt the weakest among the five hokage. anyone who disagrees with that is in denial. and the rest of the kage are by far less interesting than him or hashirama and the kage before them. i was actually glad that finally someone from narutoverse openly said that she's weak compared to her predecessors. it's not the character's fault but kishi's, and now he is trying to correct that mistake. i can't help but expect an asspull somewhere.
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