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i don't know, i think he's right for the most part. his snotty attitude might be annoying to some but i think he has every right to brag. tsunade is no doubt the weakest among the five hokage. anyone who disagrees with that is in denial. and the rest of the kage are by far less interesting than him or hashirama and the kage before them. i was actually glad that finally someone from narutoverse openly said that she's weak compared to her predecessors. it's not the character's fault but kishi's, and now he is trying to correct that mistake. i can't help but expect an asspull somewhere.
you can say I'm in denial, but it's a fact that madara himself said she was stronger than A, which means she's the strongest kage power-wise. oonoki and gaara have the best techs. A is fastest. Mei is weakest in my book

Also, tsunade's not dead or out of the fight yet. her tech allows her to regenerate which she will probably do until she dies of rapid old age in this battle. her regenerative skills are on par with edo-madara at the moment. a hole through the chest isn't that big a deal with this tech active. plus, madara admitted he didn't know what the tech was so he won't be expecting her return which could tip the scales against him again. probably a bunch of chapters down the road though as the kabuto fight sizes up and we see more tobi.

also very notable is that I think Izuna was just eliminated from the 'who is tobi' debate. madara wouldn't have spoken of him that way if he was tobi.
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