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Originally Posted by Revolutionist View Post
What are you on about? Asemu spent 90% of his battles getting his ass handed to him, one way or another. He was saved time and again by the Gundam's power, not his own. The AGE-1 was not a relic, it received upgrades throughout the years and was still a formidable machine. It could very well ahve been stronger than teh Zedas, which in case you forgot, is as old as the AGE-1.....
Off the bat, the Zedas R was built specifically for Zeheart. It may be an old model but it is very much a specialized custom, the Gundam AGE-1 was not built for Asemu nor was it specialized to him. Moreover, the AGE-1 normal was not a suitable unit to fight the normal Zedas as it was too slow to keep up with the far speedier opponent, yet somehow it fighting the upgraded Zedas R is? Doubtful. You have an old, slow and steady upgraded machine fighting an upgrade of an old model that focuses on speed, specialized to its pilot, and yet you have moments like Ep.18 where Zeheart is very much outpaced by Asemu and is saved by his magic powers. When they fight in Ep. 20? Once again, you have magic powers (now amplified for more lols) playing a major role and, again, saved Zeheart from getting blown to hell from a single shot of the AGE-2.

Originally Posted by Revolutionist View Post
Yeah, a 30+ year old machine that was kept up to date, and further upgraded when the AGE system was removed. Flit is also an experienced pilot and top-class x-rounder himself. What's your point? How does Flit not being a pushover make Zeheart a weakling exactly?
So why is this a knock on Asemu but not a knock on Zeheart?
He was saved time and again by the Gundam's power, not his own.
He fought Flit in AGE-1 with the Zeydra, an equivalent to the AGE-2, and yet him being fought to a standstill by Flit is somehow not relevant (and yet Asemu using the tech of the AGE-2 counts against him)? You have as much of a tech wall between Zeydra to AGE-1 as you do from AGE-2 to M8. The moment you remove the magic brain powers as a crutch for Zeheart, he's getting matched by an older machine and certainly skilled pilot.

I equated Flit to Woolf because that lets us indirectly compare Flit to Asemu, though Woolf.

Originally Posted by Revolutionist View Post
Rewatch the fight, Zeheart was running circles around Kio. He was toying with him AND Seric....It wasn't even a serious fight.
The Wrozzo vs Fortress fight was not a stalemate, Zeheart's mobile suit clearly wasn't up to the task because it's performance was lacking. It lacked firepower, and response time. Had it given out before Kio left Zeheart would've lost and it was all because of the machine, not the pilot.
You're right, the Wrozzo was pretty much unusable after the fight while Kio backed down. As for toying with Kio in the first fight, he sure got awful close to getting his head blown clean off by Kio.

Originally Posted by Revolutionist View Post
I love how in your mind X-Rounder powers are a clutch, but Asemu's "Supa Piroto" power up is not. It's even cheesier than X-rounder powers because he just got pissed off and suddenly became a better pilot. Even though he's a good pilot, Asemu would lose to Yurin, not to mention Flit or Zeheart.
The transition is poor but you'd have to be blind to not have seen the show telling you, over and over, that Asemu was an exceptional pilot with exceptional talent. He was just too obsessed with his father, X-Rounders, and Zeheart. When Woolf died and snapped him out of it, he became what he always was but didn't notice. I mean, that was the whole point/moral of his arc.

Gundam has always had pilots who are beyond good in piloting but have no magic powers.

And the rest of what you said is silly.
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