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The AGE-1 is superior to the Zedas and Zedas-R. The latter just received small upgrades to x-rounder compatibility, that's it. For someone who claims to have watched the show, your memory of certain events, particularly those that contradict your opinions, is rather lacking. The Zedas-R was upgraded AFTER Zeheart left the colony, and even then it still couldn't keep up with his reaction speed, not to mention it broke down during its test . So yes, it was inferior to the AGE-1 because the AGE-1 never had any of those problems when Flit used, and Flit is shown to be a high level x-rounder, perhaps not as strong as Zeheart but pretty damn close.
Gundam has always had pilots who are beyond good in piloting but have no magic powers.
Yeah, and they will always be inferior pilots to Amuro, Kamille, Kira, Setsuna...
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