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Will/Claire. Yeah, that will be mi OTP. At least they're not related. Or Will/Lion, if she is actually a she. Ougon Musou introduced me to the world of crack pairing, and even Will/Bern doesn't sound that bad. Or Ronove/Virgilia. Hell, even Ronove/Battler. And there's a lot of yuri, too, between non-blood-related individuals
LOL, I always wondered if it could be that Will was Battler/Toya alterego, sort of a Toya self insertion in the story.
It's made more interesting by the fact that in a sidestory it was said something along the line about how it's unlikely the two of them could show up in the same story and that the pairing Lion/Will would be an alternate version of the Beato/Battler pairing.

Though everything is up to speculation. In Ougon it's implied Will is a detective Shannon created in a story she told to Ange.

I'm not really bothered by the incest, especially in Umineko as Yasu and the cousins had no idea they were related when they fell in love and had things gone differently they would have never found out.

Kinzo/Beato 2 however is a completely different matter as, not only he knew she was his daughter but apparently she wasn't even that willing and surely the environment in which he kept her doesn't make the situation any better.

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Random question: I know this is in there somewhere, but does Yasu ever find out that he/she is Kinzo's child? IIRC, he/she finds out about the baby being thrown off the cliff, but I don't remember if Kinzo tells him/her more than that.

In EP7 Meta Kinzo goes on about "ohhh I want to tell Beatrice the truuuuth" so I'm led to believe that he doesn't in fact tell Yasu everything.
Well in Ep 7 it's implied she's told it as well as the fact she fell off the cliff. If Ep 5 is to take into consideration she also knew/believed it was due to Natsuhi she fell off of it.
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