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If she looked like Kinzo, now I well fcking know why she refused to see her own ugly body and created embelishments everywere. Now I can't stop thinking about an old man with hairy legs and balding head inside a maid outfit.
Kinzo was handsome in his youth, which is why Battler (who is regarded as handsome) is sometimes stated to look a lot like him. So it wouldn't be that bad when you're only 19.
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Random question: I know this is in there somewhere, but does Yasu ever find out that he/she is Kinzo's child? IIRC, he/she finds out about the baby being thrown off the cliff, but I don't remember if Kinzo tells him/her more than that.

In EP7 Meta Kinzo goes on about "ohhh I want to tell Beatrice the truuuuth" so I'm led to believe that he doesn't in fact tell Yasu everything.
We don't know if there was a baby and we don't know if Yasu was the baby. What he/she is told is irrelevant, the only people who would know have motive to lie (Genji) or be mistaken (Kinzo) or are just plain nuts (Natsuhi, who might be having words put in her mouth anyway).

However, I do think Yasu believes this is who he/she is. And that's the only thing that really matters in this respect because the goal is to inform and explain Yasu's actions, not ask whether he/she really was Kinzo's incestuous rapebaby.
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