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An important thing to note is not necessarily if they sound different, but if you can pick out which one is which?

I often can hear small differences between my MP3s and the original recording, but I can't tell which is the compressed file, because at high bitrates the differences aren't very consistent. It's a tossup as to which sounds better or worse.
Hmm, but the difference is that you are listening to other people's recordings while I am listening to my own.

I think that if you were listening to your own recordings that you mixed yourself it would be very easy to tell the difference and to also know which was which.

But you are right that it is very hard to do with other people's recordings. That's why I never put my AIFF's on the web because 95% of people won't be able to tell the difference and I could host 35 MP3s in the same space as one AIFF.
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