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Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
I don't think that's the case, he doesn't want anyone to suffer particularly, he simply doesn't care because he believes everything he doesn't like will unhappen once he's successful.
Ah, so Obito isn't vengeful, he's simply a psychopath/sociopath (far more than most other character in the series). Is that supposed to be better?

Just because he is creating a dream world doesn't necessarily magically bring everyone he has killed (or caused to die) back to life. Rather they need to dream of others in such a world, or if they are already dead then they need to be dreamt of in such a world. Whatever the case, the dead are still dead and nothing we have seen of the various mega Uchiha genjutsus can bring the dead back to life.

Obito's delusions are quite sickening to me. I feel no pity for him, and definitely no sympathy, so I am unclear what Kishimoto hopes to accomplish with such a character. Especially considering how important Kishimoto has made Obito within the story (unlike, say, Hidan who was sickening, but transitory).
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