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Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
That depends what you mean by better, I find the notion of a vilain so sick with the world and so delusional that he thinks reality is irrelevant because he intends to enforce his delusion on existence itself to be fitting with the larger theme of the story.
As I said in a previous post, I wouldn't mind if Obito intellectually came to the conclusion that the world is sick (or even false), and has gone about implementing his plan to change everything. Rather, it is his very reason for implementing the plan to begin with that I find unsatisfying, uninteresting, unbelievable and ultimately false. You are correct, a villain deciding to reshape the world fits well within the context of the overall story (Nagato, Sasuke and a few others also work within this thematic structure), Obito's rational, though, feels like lip service, like he was forced into a role Kishimoto already created but didn't properly explain or explore (as you've said).

That being said, what really ruins it all for me is the likely possibility that all of this emo crap will be thrust aside if Obito learns the truth of the day Rin died.

Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
I'm not sure whether we are actually supposed to sympathize. I mean you don't sympathize with people in real life who do stupid things for stupid reasons, right? Not sympathizing with them doesn't stop those people from existing though.
Baring Hidan and Kakuzu (who were one-offs at best), and potentially Kisame (who really never did anything important), every single villain we've seen before has been sympathetic to an extent. It was sympathy, or at least pity, that allowed us to analysis and decipher (even discuss) their actions. Tobi is so far outside the norm, especially for a character who is supposed to be literally central to the entire story, that I am unclear what Kishimoto is doing.
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