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This is becoming very, what's the word?................Stupid.

First off Obito is lame, what a waste tobi has proven to be by being revealed to be obito, but i have a different complaint...which is the plan they are so eager to carry out..the infinite tsukiyomi...

The infinite tsukiyomi makes absolutely no sense...when i first heard the concept, i expected something similar to lelouch's geass, or shisui's ms. But to find out, the ppl aren't actually going to have their minds controlled...the plan is to pull their minds into a imaginary world...

All of this is fine i suppose...until you realize this lil dream world will only last about a month or so, till everyone dies of dehydration and starvation that even if the plan was to succeed the end result would be everyone on earth dead, and edo madara day dreaming for all eternity...yeah that's pretty stupid..
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