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Originally Posted by Essenar View Post
Of course now, I'm in my late 20's, I'm a lot more mature and I know how stupid it was but does it change that it happened? Not at all. I get worried when I hear about kids having relationships because I know it's a lot of emotional weight for them to try to deal with: jealousy, intimacy, yearning, depression, confidence.
Well Obito didn't mature like you, his goal didn't change at all
Trying to kill Minato and the whole village 2 years later, at age of 15 is still possible if we think by your explanation. However there was one big problem for me there: Obito did fight Minato as if he was a complete stranger, if someone is 15 and driven by hormones or whatever, and because of that he is full of hate and very strong feelings he won't fight Minato as a 100% cold blooded killer who does not say even one sentence, or one word, about their past. I understand that their plan required that he does not reveal that they are Obito and Madara, however the powers that Obito used already had given away a LOT of information (only Madara could control the kyuubi, only someone from konoha could know how to bypass the defenses and kill anbu, to know when and where to attack Kushina in her weakest state, etc.) and therefore having an angry rant against Minato and Konoha (the way Sasuke did, when he speaks to the rest of team7) would not reveal much more than what Minato would already guess. For example he could have said to Minato during their fight: "Now you are here to save konoha, but you failed to be there for your own team twice and both times one of them died because of you! Only a fool like Kakashi would not hate you for this, now you will feel the pain of losing the woman you love!!!".

BTW the assumption from 2 months ago that during the fight against Minato Obito was mind controlled can be true: we see that black Zetsu is Madara's will, so it could be that Obito fused with black Zetsu and let black Zetsu take control. That would explain the personality, the ability of controlling the kyuubi, the kyuubi recognizing Tobi as Madara, and in the anime the old adult voice of Tobi. And also Tobi's reaction to Minato asking if he was Madara, he did neither deny nor confirm, which makes sense if it's Madara's will but not Madara himself.
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