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My point was that Naruto's troubled childhood started at birth. Definitely better than Gaara's, who went through continued aggression ever since, but the latter turned the earliest out of them. Nagato's was arguably better, because he had a family and friends, as well as a caring mentor to watch his back and help him develop his power in order to stand up to the harsh reality at hand (war).

Naruto, on the other hand, held out all alone until the graduation for his cracking point, it was explicitly forced on him for the sake of achieving that effect, not to mention it took ten full chapters for it to happen. In Obito's case, it was a chapter and 3 pages.

Anyway, this all bring me back to the starting point, Obito's experience lacks the impact it was meant to cause on his character, although the effects of that change are crucial to the plot.
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