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Originally Posted by houkoholic View Post
Bandai has several Saint Seiya cloth toy lines. As said the original "Cloth Legend" series is still going pretty strongly and they are moving into pretty obscure characters, however it was also that series where they released the LC characters and failing to make an impact and that was something like 3~4 years ago according to the Bandai Tamashii website, with that much time passed and no more LC characters thus completely missing out with the marketing power of a concurrent release of the LC OVA I think it's safe to say that LC had been considered to have bombed for Bandai.

Late in 2011 Bandai also started the "Cloth Legend EX" series which are much improved versions with the characters getting to be really close to what they look like in the anime/manga and has much greater flexibility/posing abilities and unsurprisingly that series of toys had basically rebooted the toy line with the 5 bronze and the original 12 gold saints (I think currently they are only missing Taurus, Libra, Aquarius of the gold saints in the line up, and Shiryu and Hyoga in the bronze), so again pointing to the fact that those who are buying these toys are the old time fans of the old series. Also note that a Kouga figure has been released, but not under the "Cloth Legend" brand but the more general action figure line of SH Figure Arts series, so again pointing to that Bandai is more experimental when it comes to Omega merchandise and its intended target audience.
But my point still stands that if someday Bandai ran out of characters from the original series to be made into figures, they’ll eventually looking at other segments of the franchise be it the movies, Omega, LC or god-knows what future series we’ll get. Unlike mechas in Gundam universe, the original characters and toy-lines for SS franchise are quite limited, you know. Besides, there will be a time where fans will get bored with the original characters and Bandai have to provide something new. For example, years ago, nobody ever imagined that we’ll get obscure characters like Black Saints, Steel Saints, Silver Saints, Mermaid Tethys, Cassios, Seiya & Shiryu with casual outfit or even Saori in “Saint Cloth Myth” line. But we got them now partly due to the fans of the toys who got bored with the usual Bronze and Gold Saint figures. They want variety.
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