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Originally Posted by Veritas
Cut out the pop culture remarks.
Don't water down source material for "the kiddies" who can handle everything not being peachy keen at the end.
Stop including songs until they find another Howard Ashman, which may be impossible.
I dunno about the kiddying it down. They are marketing toward little kids, and they're rather afraid that Grown ups (Who take little kids to go watch these movies) wouldn't be offened.

Although I do agree that Disney needs to start targeting the teen area. And add some adult jokes here and there. (I never realized how funny Beauty and the Beast was until recently, man all those sexist and feminist jokes fly everywhere.)

Phil Collins did a really good job on Tarzan. I'm sure there are some good music writers still out there.

And, though anime is still a niche culture in America (same as in Japan, really), its popularity has fairly exploded in the last 10 years.
I would never say Anime is better than something disney put out. Heck they still make fairly good cartoon shows. Kim Possible comes to mind. Then of course their glory 90's cartoons which is still better than most anime out there.


Ducktales > Naruto
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